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CPAP Titration

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure.  Australians invented this technology and it has been a life changing advance in medicine.  We could probably say that from the old inventions in medicine this technology has the least side effects and the most benefit for the patient.  The CPAP machine will be prescribed to patients after they are diagnosed with primarily obstructive sleep apnea.  The patient sleeps with a small machine, which with present advances in technology is very quiet and light and blows usually humidified air through a tube that is connected through different masks and applied to nose or our entire nasal and oral cavity.  There are many, many different masks in our centers.  In our center, more than 80% of our patients find that with time and patience they will adapt and the CPAP machine becomes one of their best friends.  There is some misinformation about this technology but little research will probably eliminate most of these concerns.  These days the usage of CPAP has become so common that even in airports most of the agents in charge of security are very familiar with the CPAP.  The majority of the patients are able to carry the CPAP when they travel as it is light and easy to carry.

CPAP in general requires an electrical outlet, but rechargeable batteries have been made for patients who like to use this technology while they are traveling with no access to electricity.  They can purchase and recharge these batteries and use this machine for many days without any need to have access to an electrical outlet.

There is certain maintenance requirements that the patient needs to pay attention to and the company that supplies this machine to the patient has to spend time and go through a complete review and Q&A in the initiation phase of the CPAP machine for patient’s use.

The best way of obtaining the CPAP machine is using a certified center that has qualified technicians and/or physicians who will be able to sit and go through the process and explain the usage and the pros and cons of this new technology and the mail orders may or may not satisfy the proper use of these machines.

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