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Insomnia is the second most common sleep problem that patients in the United States suffer.  Some estimates have put insomnia patients between 30 to 40% of adult Americans.  Insomnia is not a disorder, but is a symptom of an underlying medical or psychological or a combination of both conditions that affects the patient’s sleep.

Insomnia is defined as difficulty falling and/or staying asleep.  Normally, it should not take more than 30 minutes after we have gone to bed at night to fall asleep.  Insomnia is defined for difficulty falling asleep more than 30 minutes or waking frequently throughout the night and difficulty going back to sleep.

Insomnia can be acute or chronic and may need causation for this condition that requires an extensive evaluation by the sleep specialist.  Treatment of insomnia, especially the chronic type, is not simple and usually will take a long followup and care before some satisfactory responses can be achieved.

The most common type of insomnia is described as psychophysiological insomnia.  This is a condition that patient some time in his/her life had a stressful condition that causes a poor sleep during the night and once it becomes chronic, the patient may suffer from difficulty with his/her sleep at night.

Adults normally need between 7 to 8 hours of almost uninterrupted sleep in order to have a productive and functioning day as well as enjoyable quality of life.

During our day-to-day life experience, we choose different lifestyles that can affect our sleep.  These could be excessive caffeine intake, exercise close to bedtime, stressful work environment, excessive alcohol intake, and other conditions such as medications that could have an effect on our ability to fall and stay asleep.

In order for us to minimize or eliminate insomnia, the patient will require to be evaluated by his/her physician and if needed be referred to a sleep specialist and an extensive and proper evaluation can assist patients to improve their sleep.

Since healthy sleep will result in a healthy life, and insomnia being one of the common sleep disorders people suffer from, it is utmost important to address this condition in a timely fashion and seek proper help.
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