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Not Enough Sleep

Industrialization and invention of electricity over decades have had a negative impact on our night sleep.  We frequently see patients who do not sleep enough at night.  Based on the national studies, in average, we need 7.5 hours of sleep without major disruption in order for us to function properly during the day. 

Sleep deprivation has been known to be the cause of major industrial accidents, as well as accidents on the road. 

Patients should be aware that sleep is an essential part of life that is required for us to function and be productive physically and mentally during the day.  Any condition that affects the duration of sleep at night and causes us to be deprived from proper sleep will have a long-lasting, and at times, devastating effect. 

Patients should follow many techniques that are well described, including proper sleep hygiene and also seek medical help and counseling if there are other illnesses, medical or psychiatric, that affects their ability to maintain the required amount of sleep at night. 

Sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and many other sleep illnesses will have a negative effect on duration of sleep and can result in medical and psychiatric illnesses that will require a proper treatment and diagnosis.

Sleeping less than required, which in an adult is between 7 and 8 hours of sleep at night, happens commonly in students, industrial workers, office workers, and other professions where their job requirement forces them to cut the amount of sleep they need.  When you do not achieve this amount of sleep it will function like your mortgage to the bank that accumulates interest and somehow the patient has to compensate for limiting sleep time at night by changing their sleep habits on weekends or sleeping longer on certain nights.  The patient should understand that this accumulation of sleep will not usually resolve with one night compensation and may require weeks to overcome and reach a proper sleep pattern.
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