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Sleep and Children

Sleep is an essential element of the child growth, and proper sleep is required in order for growth hormone production to occur and for the child to grow and mature in proper way.  Sleep is different between boys and girls and also varies in different families.  There may be a preexisting factor in the child’s neurological and other medical conditions that could affect sleep but most of the sleep problems we encounter with children have to do with the child’s relationship with its parents and the child’s sleep schedule. 

Children have different sleep requirements, including taking naps during the day as they get older.  An understanding and knowledge of the duration and time of the sleep they require at night, and also the naps they need to take during the day as they grow, is important and essential for solving children’s sleep problems. 

Some of these problems could be related to too much sleep during the day; children’s relationship with their parents.  Some children will suffer from nightmares, which will have a negative effect on their sleep and at times children will resist falling asleep at night, which can be labeled as sleep onset association problem. 

In order to correct your child’s sleep problem an extensive history taking, including sleep diary, child age, and other medical, psychological and behavior factors should be considered.  A consultation with the patient’s pediatrician and referral to a certified sleep center in your neighborhood is required if your child’s problem persist more than a few weeks. 

Children’s sleep disorders are different than an adult and a full understanding of these conditions is essential for proper treatment of your child’s sleep problem. The most common sleep disorder in adults, which is sleep apnea, is less common with children, but if your child is snoring and has behavior problems he or she should be evaluated by his pediatrician and should insist on obtaining a sleep consultation by a Board Certified Sleep Specialist who is familiar with children’s sleep disorders.
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